How To Prevent Termites During Every Season?

Many people are not aware of termite’s behavior that they keep banging their heads on the wood, and walls or even shake their tiny bodies when someone irritates their colony or when they feel disturbed. You might have heard the clicking sound in your home while trying to do termite control. Termite control needs to be taken seriously and needs to be done in a proper way.

Termite Control Services

If you don’t have any knowledge or right information about termite control, then things can be very worse for you to handle. But, don’t worry, we are sharing some tips which will help you to do termite control. Just go through the below tips and get yourself free from termites permanently.

Well, before you do pest removal in your home, it is important that you inspect the species of the termites to make a better or proper treatment plan. Generally, there are two species of termites that very commonly invade the home and destroy wooden furniture that are dry wood termite or subterranean termites. Termites love to live in moist areas. Though subterranean species of termites can survive in wood or mud. And their only motive for infesting the home is destruction. Whereas, dry wood termites don’t have any special requirement to live. But their motive to thrive inside the home is the same as subterranean species.

Whether your home is infested by subterranean termites or dry wood termites in your home, both these species are dangerous and destructive. So, termite control is very important.

Identify The Termite Infestation

  • For identifying the termites’ infestation, you should do a thorough inspection of your home. If you find any hole in any of your furniture, then it’s a sign of termites infestation.
  • Termite’s presence means you will be able to see sawdust in your home, check for it.
  • If you notice mud-tube formation in your home walls, then, it’s a definite sign of termite infestation.

Termites Control

Well, after the invasion of termites in your home, the first thing you need is professional help. But, if it seems to you that the size of the infestation is not so big and you can handle it on your own, then you can use some DIY methods to do termite control. 

Let’s Discuss Some Tips To Get Rid Of Termites:

  • Direct contact with sunlight kills termites and helps to do termite control as termites cannot tolerate excessive heat.
  • A cardboard trap is also a good way to do termite control. 
  • Another easy method of doing termite control is using boric acid, it helps to remove termites permanently.
  • Using nematodes will also help.
  • Using neem or orange ointments for termite control is the best option.
  • Keep some distance between your yard and home, as termites can live in soil and wood both, and they can enter your home from the yard too.


Thus, for helping you out to do proper pest inspection, we have concluded some DIY tips which will help to keep termites away from your home all the season.